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Mow-Sure training is a National Sprayer Test Centre

Anyone applying a professional pesticide, must have the equipment tested.

The sustainable Use Directive (SUD) requires that pesticide application equipment is tested on a regular basis. 

Qualified engineer since 2007 with over 16 years experience on amenity sprayers

Check availability and book your NSTS with us online

Why Test

You need to comply with current legislation by having your sprayer NSTS tested.

Reduce operating costs and improve productivity


Maintain and Improve reliability of your sprayer

Apply pesticides cost-effectively by Performing at maximum efficiency

Demonstrate that pesticides have been applied at recommended rates

Booking an NSTS

Specific for your business;

Cost is as low as

£150 + Registration


Sprayer Service option available


Handheld applicator checks available


PA Refresher Training available onsite


Contact us directly using the button below if you require a quote by using the contact page on this site

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